Wednesday, 16 November 2011

When is lingerie, underwear?

Hi All,

When is lingerie underwear?  As a mere mortal man, how do I know?

Years ago I used to laugh and say that the only difference was at the till, but that was me being cynical :)

As the years have passed and I have been indoctrinated into the mystical under(wear)world of ladies lingerie, I have come to understand that there is indeed a difference.

When a woman buys an everyday bra to go under her work clothes, she is buying underwear.

A bra, or chemise etc... bought to go under a dress, or for that special night in, is lingerie.

A bra that is purchased for under a wedding dress, teamed up with matching brief, suspender belt and stockings, is bridal lingerie.  Lingerie will make her feel special, that's why lingerie makes such a great gift.

 It's all linked to functionality, that's why women have sports underwear and not sports lingerie.

 Now to clarify; Diki, as shown below, is most definitely lingerie

Kiss Me Deadly, as shown below, is also most definitely lingerie

Marie Jo Intense, is sports underwear (but very, very stylish :)

 As our furry little friend on TV says, "simples!"

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