Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Secrets of The Underwear Drawer - Lesson 1 - The Half-cup Bra

Hi guys,

The Half-cup Bra

What the hell is a Half-cup bra?  Yes, I can hear your very words whizzing out of the speakers (turn your microphone off).

A Half-cup bra (sometimes called a Demi-cup) is actually one of the most popular bra styles available.  Here it is in the flesh, so to speak;

Aubade Bahia Half-cup Bra
This is the Aubade Bahia Half-cup Bra

Aubade Bahia Half-cup Bra
Here it is again, with added distraction

Imagine the cup is a circle; the full circle would be a full-cup, so this one would look like half a circle.
There is also a 3/4 cup and, wait for it, a 1/4 cup; is the image playing in your head?  Thought so!

Why is this half-cup (1/2 cup) bra so popular?

The answer is pretty simple really, it looks fantastic!  Both from our point of view and that of your partner.  It allows her to wear low-cut tops and dresses whilst staying well supported.  The straps tend to be wider apart, so it also gives the option of wearing tops that have a square-cut neck-line.  One of the main reasons is that it give a very flattering shape to the breast, giving the effect of greater volume.

Without doubt the most important thing is she must have adequate support from a well fitting bra.  If she has never been measured for a bra, then go down to a local lingerie shop (preferably Blush Lingerie in Macclesfield) to be measured by an expert.  Trust me, it makes a whole lot of difference when your girl feels comfortable, supported and happy about her shape.

It is also important to remember that you 'get what you pay for'.  If you buy a cheap t-shirt from the market, it may look good before it's washed, then it could look awful, but it's not the same with a cheap bra; it will indeed look awful, but also, it won't support her properly and even worse than that it could injure her. 

The Pay-off

Take a look at the half-cup bras on Blush Lingerie's site, brush up on your powers of recognition, then next time you go into a lingerie shop you can casually say, "that's a very stylish half-cup bra" and how impressed will she be with you then?

Lessons in Lingerie - The Series is Coming

Hi guys,

This is the start of an educational experience!

I am going to pass on to you a plethora of knowledge that will have your other half seriously impressed.

Brace yourself as I take you on a journey deep into the mystic realms of ....

                                                                                                                        ... the underwear drawer!

Lesson 1 will be uploaded shortly; stay tuned

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Back with a Bang!

Hi All,

Well, I was pretty shocked to discover that it has been over a year since my last post on the Blog.  What can I say, work gets in the way :(

Things at the shop have been good over the past few months, it looks like people are starting to turn their backs on the recession and all the negativity that dominates the press.

If you haven't visited the site in a while, then you should!  We have some very nice technical changes, including a mobile version of the site; it's fast!

Lise Charmel is back at Blush with a real bang; it's been our best seller since it came back through the door.

Can't work out why it's so popular? :)

Check out Blush Lingerie today

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Panache Lingerie Video

Hi All,

Almost forgot to show you this.  We have just up-loaded our first video onto Youtube.  Here it is!

Panache Lingerie are really coming up in the world; what started out as a range of everyday bras has now blossomed into wonderful, stylish lingerie.  It's selling like hot-cakes!


When is lingerie, underwear?

Hi All,

When is lingerie underwear?  As a mere mortal man, how do I know?

Years ago I used to laugh and say that the only difference was at the till, but that was me being cynical :)

As the years have passed and I have been indoctrinated into the mystical under(wear)world of ladies lingerie, I have come to understand that there is indeed a difference.

When a woman buys an everyday bra to go under her work clothes, she is buying underwear.

A bra, or chemise etc... bought to go under a dress, or for that special night in, is lingerie.

A bra that is purchased for under a wedding dress, teamed up with matching brief, suspender belt and stockings, is bridal lingerie.  Lingerie will make her feel special, that's why lingerie makes such a great gift.

 It's all linked to functionality, that's why women have sports underwear and not sports lingerie.

 Now to clarify; Diki, as shown below, is most definitely lingerie

Kiss Me Deadly, as shown below, is also most definitely lingerie

Marie Jo Intense, is sports underwear (but very, very stylish :)

 As our furry little friend on TV says, "simples!"

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Retro Lingerie Getting Stronger

Hi All,
A while ago I did a post about Retro Lingerie, it proved to be very popular, and I'm not just talking about the post.  Retro Underwear is gaining a massive following, from both women and men.

Retro Lingerie = Glamour
That is a pretty simple statement, but it would appear to be very true; most people see Retro Lingerie has both sexy and glamorous.  Kiss Me Deadly have captured the very essence of glamour and sex appeal with their femme fatale inspired ranges.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Comfort and Style?

Hi All,

I would love to see my wife dressed to the nines, complete with heels and make up, but most days I have to settle for jeans and a T-shirt.  It seems that comfort and style rarely go hand in hand.

Comfortable Underwear

For years she has sold Prima Donna, a luxury Belgian brand that is very well respected within the realms of underwear.  I asked her what made a Prima Donna Bra such a big seller, because these bras are not cheap.  She said that when it came to buying a bra, it was no longer a question of comfort or style, now it was possible to have both.  Prima Donna Bras are made to a very high degree of quality and incredibly well engineered.

Prima Donna Lingerie may be comfortable, but from where I'm stood it's very stylish.  It gets my vote without a doubt and from my wife's information it looks like more and more women are getting to know it very well.

For all you guys who have ladies who have been blessed with ample bosom, get them to take a look at Prima Donna Underwear, there is certainly something there to please you both.