Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hotmilk - Great Video

Hi all,

This is a range called Hotmilk.  It's a maternity range with a difference; it's sexy!

Yes, just when your other half is feeling like the side of a house, you can take her some of this wonderful lingerie home and re-assure her that you still know that she's a woman.

Winter Comes!

Hi all,

Well this morning saw the first frost for many of us in th UK. Looks like summer's over.

But not to fear! Blush has lots of wonderful things to chase away the cold.

How about these hot new arrivals from Aubade?

Now there is a great thing about Aubade; they may be designed for women, but the styles are highly appreciated by men ;)

Check them out, this wonderful French lingerie is a hit with the ladies and could gain you a lot of brownie points.

Blush Lingerie